Heyman Foto

His photographic activities managed by Outcasts Revisited Media LLC, Jeff Heyman uses his classical training in photography to push the digital limits of the medium. With a background in photography stretching more than four decades, Jeff received his Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art Photography from San Francisco State University and studied under painters Robert Bechtle and Paul Pratchenko. But it was his Fine Art Photography studies with Catherine Wagner, Don Worth, Jack Welpott and Melanie Walker, while at State, that truly inspired his work. Jeff went on to produce and exhibit a range of creative work, primarily in black and white.

A San Francisco native, Jeff was influenced by the various artistic and photographic trends sweeping the Bay Area. While in high school, Jeff studied photography under Ralph Rappaport, an associate of Ansel Adams. Rappaport, a major influence, taught Jeff the Zone System and advanced film development and darkroom printing techniques. Rappaport also introduced Jeff to Ruth Bernhard, who met him privately in her home for a critique of his work. This meeting, with one of the world’s definitive photographers, influenced Jeff's future work greatly. His background in classical photography is instrumental in his current work — a hybrid of classic “wet” photography and new digital formats.

You can see Jeff's work in the Heyman Foto Gallery right here: https://heymanfoto.smugmug.com

Check out Jeff's latest photos on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/heymanfoto