To see where I stand on the issues, watch this League of Women Voters' Peralta Colleges Trustee Candidates Forum. If you can't watch the entire 45 minutes, please see the opening statements. 

Here is my platform:
  • I stand for students: Our students can't succeed if governance and administration at the Peralta Community College District fails them. After 18 years, I filed a Whistleblower Compliant after I witnessed repeated administrative and board malfeasance that led to huge financial losses, robbing our students of the classroom instruction they need.  
  • I stand for our teachers and staff: When I serve on the board, policy will be followed in all areas regarding our teachers, our staff, union representation, and employee hiring and discipline. The days of retribution, bullying, and cronyism must end. Further, we must move away from stringing part-time teachers on for years and years without properly recognizing them. And for administrators and employees, no more years-long interim appointments. 
  • I stand for integrity: I will not accept any campaign contributions. This is a grassroots campaign and I will need your help in getting elected so that real reform can come to our colleges.  
  • I stand for personal financial responsibility: I will forfeit the trustee's monthly payment, approximately $1000 each, which, not including the benefits they receive, costs district taxpayers $84,000 a year (the equivalent of a teacher's salary).  I will return the money to the general fund or to the Peralta Colleges Foundation and will urge my fellow trustees to do the same. Likewise, I will not accept any funds from the district in carrying out my duties as a trustee.
  • I stand for institutional financial responsibility: I will work to stop trustee junkets, unnecessary travel, credit cards, expense accounts, and reimbursements. No more free meals for the trustees, paid for by taxpayers. 
  • I stand for Freedom of Speech: I will uphold freedom of speech and first amendment rights at the colleges and throughout the district and work to restore faculty and staff listservs and email, recently shutdown by the district, stifling faculty collaboration and inter-college communication. 
  • I stand for real transparency: If elected, there will be no more ignored Public Record Act Requests, Brown Act (open meetings law) violations or last minute public meetings. Financial "audits" and "impartial" investigations will be truthful and the highest professional standards will be followed. They have not in the past, and this has hurt the district's reputation and undermined teaching and learning. 
  • I stand for sustainability and fighting climate change: I pledge to work closely with Community Action for a Sustainable Alameda (CASA), and other community organizations, to get more community's students involved with climate-focused programs and activities. I will work hard to ensure that more of our students get internships with local sustainably-minded businesses. This is a win-win-win for our students, our community, and the climate!