Endorsements & Supporters


  • Alameda Labor Council
  • Associated Students of Merritt College
  • Peralta Federations of Teachers (PFT)
  • Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club 


  • Wise Allen, Former Chancellor, Peralta Community College District, Former President Merritt College and College of Alameda
  • Carole Ward Allen, Former Vice President, San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District Board of Directors, Former Assistant Vice Chancellor and Director of Community Relations, Peralta CCD, Former Faculty Member, Laney College, College of Alameda
  • Cecilia Cervantes, Former President, Santa Fe Community College, College of Alameda 

  • Cy Gulassa, Former Peralta CCD Trustee, Former Member of the California Community College Trustees Board of the Community College League of California, Former President of the Foothill-De Anza CCD Faculty Association. Cy was also instrumental in the passage of AB 1725, California's shared governance law.

  • Don Hongisto, Former President of Peralta's Feather River College, Merritt College, and College of Alameda
  • Odell Johnson, Former President, Laney College
  • Mathew Mulligan Goldstein, President, College of Alameda Academic Senate, Former President, Peralta Federation of Teachers
  • Eric Gravenberg, Former Deputy Chancellor and Chief Operating Officer, Peralta CCD, Former President, College of Alameda
  • Alton Jelks, Former Associate Vice Chancellor, Peralta CCD, Director, Peralta Colleges Foundation
  • Ron Little, Former Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration, Peralta CCD
  • Howard Perdue, Former Senior Vice Chancellor, Students Services, Peralta CCD
  • Jose Ortiz, Former Chancellor, Peralta CCD
  • Dan Siegel, Civil-Rights Attorney, Siegel, Yee, Brunner & Mehta, Oakland
  • Richard Thoele, SEIU 1021 Chapter President for the Peralta CCD, Admissions & Records Clerk, Peralta CCD
  • Nicky Gonzales Yuen, Trustee, Peralta CCD

Comments From Colleagues Upon Retirement from the Peralta Community College District in 2018

  • You have been a beacon of excellence for Peralta. -Former President, College of Alameda, Deputy Chancellor 
  • It was such a pleasure to work with you through the years, I appreciated your willingness to work together and your leadership in making sure all the colleges keep our students at the forefront of any conversation. You will be missed. -Dean, College of Alameda 
  • Thank you for the many years of service and commitment to excellence. -Academic Senate President, College of Alameda
  • Your love for Peralta has always been present in the work that you do. -Dean, College of Alameda
  • I just want to acknowledge your hard work and professionalism especially when you covered our Umoja Community event at College of Alameda. I will be forever grateful to you for memoralizing such a special event for our learning communities. -Faculty Member, College of Alameda
  • You have done so much for Peralta and Berkeley City College. You are the face of Marketing at Peralta; it’s going to be hard to fill your shoes. -Student Services Staff Assistant, Berkeley City College
  • It has been a real privilege to have worked with you over many years! You have truly been a valuable asset to PCCD colleges and our East Bay community as well. Personally, I am indebted to you and your colleagues for the exemplary services you provided Laney College during our tenure together! I was proud of the professionalism you brought to our district!  -Former President, Laney College 
  • You have inspired many people over the years you’ve taught, myself included! -Social Media Student, Laney College
  • I want to thank you for your dedication to the students and to the mission of the colleges and public education, often under difficult circumstances. -Faculty Member, Laney College
  • I appreciated your outstanding, work and advocacy on behalf of our students and community. -Math Instructor, Laney College 
  • Thank you for your contributions to Peralta and more importantly, the students. -Faculty Senate President, Laney College
  • You have been an outstanding champion of the Peralta Colleges and our students. -Dean, Laney College
  • Thank you so much for your invaluable commitment to our students and for bringing visibility to the Department of Dance. -Dance Dept. Chair, Laney College
  • In addition to your great intellect, artistic perspective, embrace of technology, amazing work ethic, and unsurpassed professionalism, you have maintained your integrity at all times and have been a loyal supporter of Peralta. -Former Vice Chancellor, Educational Services
  •  You have always been there to support student health services[and]to inform students of what we do while giving students great opportunities in your field and ours! -PCCD Health Services Director
  •  What you’ve done for Peralta over the years has been a huge contribution to the community, and we appreciate your long support of the (State) Chancellor’s Office. -Vice Chancellor for Communications and Marketing, California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office